Monday, April 2, 2012

{-Red Bean Ice Cream-}

Red bean ice cream. . . hmmm. . . so good! I discovered this dessert item when I met my husband. He was working at a sushi restaurant when we met in high school and he took me out for my first sushi experience. I wasn't crazy about the sushi at first, but I fell in love with red bean ice cream. . . and my future husband :-) Now whenever we go to an Asian restaurant that has it on the menu, I always order it! This picture of red bean ice cream comes from a restaurant called Curry House in Irvine, Ca (which serves tasty curry as well!):

Creamy deliciousness! Usually made with Azuki beans, this ice cream has a taste I feel is a little similar to strawberry, it's just as sweet, but a bit more earthy. There are actual bean pieces in it and that adds an interesting grainy texture. It really is a hard dessert to describe, it is just so good! It has to be experienced! I give red bean ice cream a 9 out of 10. The next time you are out at an Asian restaurant, check to see if they have red bean ice cream and if they do give it a try! It's amazing!!!!

In Irvine you can get red bean ice cream here:
Curry House -

In San Luis Obispo you can find red bean ice cream here:
Golden Gong -
Goshi's (Brandon, my husband, worked here!) -

In Murrieta you can find red bean ice cream here:
Woomi Sushi (where I first tasted this delicious treat!) -

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